CBF™ Suspension – Patent Number US 9,061,729

Canfield Brothers has been refining the parallel-link suspension since the late ’90s when the first Canfield prototype was brought to life based on the trailing arm suspensions of trophy trucks; no one else in the industry has as much experience with this design. It was refined into the terrain-flattening rearward-travel downhill performance that makes the Jedi so unique today. But Lance and Chris Canfield knew that was only the beginning.

Finding the Balance between smooth, active suspension travel and a firm, efficient pedaling platform has been somewhat of a holy grail for bicycle manufacturers and suspension gurus. Engineers and design teams have spent years attempting to maximize these traits while maintaining favorable geometry, durability and ride quality.

There are a number excellent suspension designs available on mountain bikes today, but most make sacrifices on one end of the spectrum or the other. The same “efficient” design gives up pedaling efficiency when incorporated on a downhill bike, and will sacrifice small bump performance when applied to a cross-country bike. What’s more, those characteristics can fluctuate wildly on the same bike throughout its travel.

But what if there was a way to maximize these characteristics without sacrifice?

Enter, the patented Canfield Balance Formula.

It was in 2009 that Lance and Chris Canfield locked on to the potential of designing around the Center of Curvature. They saw so much potential in this intangible point in suspension kinematics, they referred to it internally as the “God Spot.”

By going back to the drawing board, dissecting suspension kinematics and focusing on a universal formula rather than a specific suspension design, Canfield Brothers has been able to create a patented formula that provides optimum anti-squat throughout the entire range of travel, resulting in the most efficient pedaling possible, regardless of factors like sag, and without sacrificing bump compliance or traction, and with no unwanted pedal feedback from braking or drivetrain forces.

The Canfield Balance Formula™ has been carefully refined and patented over the last seven years, and the result is one of the most active and efficient platforms available on mountain bikes today.

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